Kamis, 15 November 2012

List of Frequently Spoken Lies

Lying is often done, but certainly no one who wants to be lied to. While lying for good reason, some people still think the name is a lie is not good behavior.

Causes Men and Women who undergo relationships have different reasons. Men generally lie to their partners to prevent fights. They believe doing so will lead to a healthier relationship. While the woman lied to her partner for many things, but generally to cover his feelings.

As reported by AskMen, a psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw describes four falsehood often pronounced man and a woman to her partner.

1. Women are most good at covering his feelings. The words, "I'm fine" is the most common lie is done almost every woman. When in fact they do not feel good at all.

2. Women know that men are not like the nature of the 'mad' shop them. So they lied about something new when purchased, "This old bag anyway, but you just saw." "This old clothes that I never wear, so it looks new."

3. Regarding the appearance, of course, every woman wants the best. So they sometimes buy the expensive prices that should not be done, and the guy did not like it. Do not be surprised if the woman is always issued final sentence "It's on sale anyway, so harnya not expensive."

4. The easiest way to avoid something that is not desirable woman in some way is to tell a lie, "I'm dizzy" including the sex.

1. The woman was not only telling lies sring "I'm fine" when in fact the opposite.

2. For the sake of protecting his woman, the sentence lies "That does not make you fat" is often uttered by man.

3. Men would not be honest to the affairs of alcohol, he was afraid the couple will scold him. So she feels compelled to lie, "This is the last drink."

4. The man promised to pick up his partner, but why so long arrived? Because the phrase "I am the way. It's really like until "a lie most often spoken at that time.